Lots of Oak Clocks...

Various clocks made from reclaimed wood.

These quite large slices of oak came of the Oak tree I've mentioned before that was hit by lightening. I've already made a large number of coasters from the smaller branches.

It took quite a bit of planing and sanding to get this oak to anything like usable. Sometimes I felt like I was sanding a piece of metal it was so hard.

Using epoxy resin I purchased from an excellent company called Easy Composites I filled the cracks that appeared while drying using a clear version and another mixed with glow in the dark pigment.

The third clock was had the cracks filled with a technique using crushed stones and super glue and a lot of sand paper.

All three are supported with a hand made stand or can be attached to a wall. In fact you can put it anywhere you like.

Oak Clocks

Glowing oak clock

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